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More new Lost Photos!

Posted by admin on
January 11th, 2008

Today I’ve made some more gallery updates. I was planning on adding more screen captures from season 3 but that can wait for tomorrow. We now have some more new promo pics! And I have added set pictures from season 3 as well! I think the Season 4 Group shot looks AMAZING (even though Jack is not next to Juliet lol) and season 4 is only 3 weeks away. Many thanks to Perla, Andrea, and Mary for getting me these pictures! Also if you noticed a few days ago I added all the photoshoots I had that were HQ and untagged. I’m working on getting some more in HQ so stay tuned for those! Enjoy todays update!

4×02 : Confirmed Dead Promotional Stills
Season 4 On the Set – September 2007
Season 3 On the Set – August 17, 2006
Season 3 On the Set – February 21, 2007
Season 4 Promotional Shoot (added group shot)