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•Fast Facts
Character: Dr. Juliet Burke
Length on Island: Over 3 Years
Purpose: To solve the mystery as to what happens to pregnant women on the island
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Before the Crash: Lived in the Others' community
Centric Episodes: "Not in Portland"
"One Of Us"
First Appearance: "A Tale of Two Cities"
Trivia: Juliet's sister Rachel named her son Julian, a masculine form of the name Juliet.
Info: Juliet has become indispensable to some of the survivors, particularly Jack, in unraveling the secrets behind the Others for whom she worked. Though her overall motives remain cloudy, she has shown a great interest in Jack. When Jack was preparing to do surgery on the Others' leader, Ben, Juliet approached him and asked him to kill Ben and make it look like an accident – a suggestion he ultimately chose not to take. During the recent events that led to the Others mass abandonment of their homes and workplace on the island, Juliet was left behind and tried to trick Kate into accepting her as an ally. The attempt backfired badly, and now she is caught between those who have abandoned her and those who see her as the enemy. With more light shed on Juliet's past and how precisely she came to the island, her true motives will come into sharp focus (good or bad).