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Yes, V has been off the air for four months, but Elizabeth Mitchell promises that the show will come back stronger than ever. The fan favorite from Lost (R.I.P., Juliet) tells TVGuide.com how Erica’s controversial bond with Father Jack might change, what she loves about castmates Morena Baccarin and Morris Chestnut and whether her maternal instincts will turn violent as Lisa and Tyler’s connection deepens.

TVGuide.com: It’s been far too long since V was last on the air.
Elizabeth Mitchell: It really has. Honestly, it’s been delayed gratification on so many levels for V because I got so excited and so into it and then it wasn’t there. It was everything I could do to not call everybody and be like, “So what are you writing today?” I waited and it was a good payoff. I’ve been enjoying the scripts.

TVGuide.com: The show left off on a really high note with all those ships flying toward Earth. Will there be a lot more Visitors coming to Earth?
Mitchell: How cool was that? Yeah, we’re going to see a lot more Vs, which is wonderful because I think Morena Baccarin is insanely gifted and so much fun to look at. If you’re jonesing for something, it will probably be fixed.

TVGuide.com: Will people start to figure out that the Vs are bad guys?
Mitchell: I’d like to think so, but it happens more slowly than you think. With what they’re doing for us and how well they’re taking care of us, you’d think they can’t be that bad because you don’t want the good stuff to be taken away. We’ve got our scrappy group of survivors who are going to get in there, and I think that with Ryan’s people — the people who are Vs and are against Anna — it should be interesting to see what happens.

TVGuide.com: I hear Erica’s maternal instincts will kick in because her son is on the mothership. What will we see from that?
Mitchell: What I can say is that I’m looking down at my left hand right now and it’s freaking covered in cuts. [Laughs] I think Erica’s maternal instincts might take a very violent turn, so that will be interesting. I like to see people get moving with the actions of their characters, and that’s what gets to happen with her.

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