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More new Lost Photos!

Posted by admin on
January 11th, 2008

Today I’ve made some more gallery updates. I was planning on adding more screen captures from season 3 but that can wait for tomorrow. We now have some more new promo pics! And I have added set pictures from season 3 as well! I think the Season 4 Group shot looks AMAZING (even though Jack is not next to Juliet lol) and season 4 is only 3 weeks away. Many thanks to Perla, Andrea, and Mary for getting me these pictures! Also if you noticed a few days ago I added all the photoshoots I had that were HQ and untagged. I’m working on getting some more in HQ so stay tuned for those! Enjoy todays update!

4×02 : Confirmed Dead Promotional Stills
Season 4 On the Set – September 2007
Season 3 On the Set – August 17, 2006
Season 3 On the Set – February 21, 2007
Season 4 Promotional Shoot (added group shot)

New Photoshoots

Posted by admin on
January 7th, 2008

Today I’ve added some old (but new to the site) photoshoots as well as replacing some MQ shoots with HQ versions thanks to Gertie. I also added the Juliet promo shoot for Season 4 and a new still thanks to Lyly Ford! Also all thumbnails are no longer cropped out. Do you prefer them better this way? I think this way you get to fully see what picture your going to click on.

-Season 4 Promotional Shoot
-4×01 : The Beginning of the End
-Session #11
-Session #14
-Session #15

Forums now opened!

Posted by admin on
December 30th, 2007

After working on them for the past few days, the forums are now opened! Be sure to register. It’s free and fast. I can’t wait to meet all you Elizabeth fans and start talking there! We are also looking for Moderators as well!


Go join now!!

More Lost Screencaps, Happy Holidays!

Posted by admin on
December 24th, 2007

Just wishing all visitors a Happy Holidays! Hope you spend your time well!


As for Gallery updates, I will be recapping Lost episodes and as you can see I began with the first 3. These are much better in quality so I hope you will enjoy these better! New albums are also screencaptures from the Mobisodes, all the ones that Elizabeth has been in so far. So newly added albums to the gallery are:

The Deal Screencaptures
Operation: Sleeper Screencaptures
Room 23 Screencaptures
3×04: Every Man For Himself

I have much more to add to the gallery so expect frequent gallery updates! Enjoy!

Lost Season 4 Gets Release Date

Posted by admin on
December 14th, 2007

Finally more Lost information. This time some good information! Lost will be back Thursdays 9:00 PM ET on Thursday, January 31, 2008!! And even better it takes up Grey’s Anatomy time slot. I know what I’ll be watching :). Just thought I’d share the good news that Lost is returning in a little over a month!

Lost Stars At a Loss Due to Strike

Posted by admin on
December 13th, 2007

Perhaps no current series is in a stranger strike-induced limbo than ABC’s Lost. While fall premieres at least got out of the gate and 24’s own midseason return was officially postponed, Lost has eight episodes in the can but still, technically, awaits word on when they will unspool. “I think there’s still a wonderful market for Lost and that it’s a really good show, so I think [ABC is] going to have to play it by ear,” Elizabeth Mitchell shared at Hollywood Life Magazine’s Breakthrough Awards. “But from what I’ve heard, they want to see it back on the air.”Cast mate Jorge Garcia was a bit more assured of a scheduled February return, saying, “I do believe the plan is to definitely air them right now. I don’t think they’re going to save them.” If anything, he says, the strike delay “is just going to throw off the original plan” to wrap up the series with three uninterrupted 16-episode seasons.

Until production someday resumes, many cast and crew members are left to bide their time, many of them in not-exactly-affordable Oahu. As Mitchell notes, “A lot of people are still in Hawaii because their kids are in school there, so they’re all kind of?