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Lost Stars At a Loss Due to Strike

Posted by admin on
December 13th, 2007

Perhaps no current series is in a stranger strike-induced limbo than ABC’s Lost. While fall premieres at least got out of the gate and 24’s own midseason return was officially postponed, Lost has eight episodes in the can but still, technically, awaits word on when they will unspool. “I think there’s still a wonderful market for Lost and that it’s a really good show, so I think [ABC is] going to have to play it by ear,” Elizabeth Mitchell shared at Hollywood Life Magazine’s Breakthrough Awards. “But from what I’ve heard, they want to see it back on the air.”Cast mate Jorge Garcia was a bit more assured of a scheduled February return, saying, “I do believe the plan is to definitely air them right now. I don’t think they’re going to save them.” If anything, he says, the strike delay “is just going to throw off the original plan” to wrap up the series with three uninterrupted 16-episode seasons.

Until production someday resumes, many cast and crew members are left to bide their time, many of them in not-exactly-affordable Oahu. As Mitchell notes, “A lot of people are still in Hawaii because their kids are in school there, so they’re all kind of?

The Begining of the End Promos

Posted by admin on
December 12th, 2007

If you checked earlier today you would have seen that I updated the Gallery with some HQ Stills from 4×01: The Beginning of the End. Great to see Elizabeth again as Juliet and Lost returning!! Also click here to view the Lost season 4 trailer, I can’t wait!!

News is starting to pick up now! After a quiet summer with Lost returning Elizabeth is back out! 🙂 On Sunday December 9, Elizabeth went to the Hollywood Life Breakthrough of the Year Awards with Lost co-star Jorge Garcia. At the event Elizabeth was awarded with an award! After being overlooked by the Emmy’s shes got this one! We couldn’t be more happy for her!! I’ve added images from the Event and Portraits to the gallery so stop by there. Will get more HQ’s added soon.

Also stop by ABC.com to view the latest Lost: Mobisode a nice clip between Juliet and Jack. Screencaptures will be up soon! And Elizabeth will also be in next weeks mobisode as well! And don’t forget, Lost DVD comes out today in the USA so be sure to pick up your copy!

Season 4 Set Photos

Posted by admin on
December 4th, 2007

The other day I added some photos of Elizabeth on the Set of LOST. Many thanks to these pictures from DarkUFO! To view these pictures click here. Make sure to click full size so you can spot her! She seemed very happy on set 🙂

The Glass Ballerina Screencaps

Posted by admin on
November 27th, 2007

More LOST screencaps. This time from episode two of Season 3 “The Glass Ballerina” a Sun – centric episode. Not much Juliet in this but she still had some good parts. Expect a lot more LOST caps since I am trying to get those finished before Season 4 premieres. And thanks again on the comments on the site, they are very much appreciated!

Lost Mobisode 4: Missing Pieces

Posted by admin on
November 27th, 2007

Looks like Elizabeth is getting a spot in a LOST mobisode along with Michael who hasn’t been on LOST since Season 2. ABC will put up the mobisode on their site on Monday as usual. Keep a look out for it there. If you just can’t wait and want to watch it right now stop by DarkUFO’s site.

Also, I’ve just begun uploading clips to the Video Archive so that is well on its way soon. And thanks to the people who have emailed me with interest in the forum. Will get started on that as well!