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V – Season 2 Promotional Photoshoot & BTS photos

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September 17th, 2011

[009] Season 2 – Promotional Photoshoot
[004] 2×01 Red Rain (Behind The Scenes)
[009] 2×07 Birth Pangs (Behind The Scenes)

Gallery Update: V Season 2 Episode Stills

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June 5th, 2011

[011] 2×01 Red Rain (Stills)
[009] 2×02 Serpent’s Tooth (Stills)
[005] 2×03 Laid Bare (Stills)
[002] 2×04 Unholy Alliance (Stills)
[007] 2×05 Concordia (Stills)
[007] 2×07 Birth Pangs (Stills)

Gallery Update: Events Catch Up

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May 25th, 2011

[014] April 3rd – 2011 WonderCon
[001] April 12th – Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs

Friday the 13th turned out to be doomsday for Brothers & Sisters and V: ABC has axed both shows. The Alphabet net also pulled the plug on rookie series No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Better With YouDetroit 187 and Mr. Sunshine.

Though, as Deadline reported, the network was trying to find a way to bring back B&S for an abridged final season, in the end, the suits elected to free up their post-Desperate Housewives time slot for a new show. As a result, last Sunday’s B&S season finale is now, retroactively, the series’ finale.

V, meanwhile, was on the upswing. Its ratings remained so-so, but after a shaky start, it returned for a second season on solid ground creatively. Heck, it even added to the cast the delectable Jane “Diana” Badler from the ’80s version.

So, are you surprised that the Walkers have popped their last cork? That the aliens are no longer a threat? And which dearly-departed ABC series will you miss the most?


Keck’s Exclusives: V’s Finale Bloodbath

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February 21st, 2011

Leapin’ lizards! V‘s March 15 season finale will kill off up to one-third of its cast! With only central characters Anna (Morena Baccarin) and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) safe, executive producer Scott Rosenbaum says two or “possibly even three” of the following actors have been let go: Scott Wolf (Chad), Logan Huffman (Tyler), Morris Chestnut (Ryan), Joel Gretsch (Father Jack), Laura Vandervoort (Lisa) and Jane Badler (Diana). Hoping the bold move will get him a third-season renewal from ABC, Rosenbaum says he chose his victims based on “what would be most devastating for the characters I want to continue.”

“People are going to be shocked,” promises Laura, sounding as if she made the cut. “When we read the script there was initially shock, then sadness.” So who got the ax? Considering Laura says the firings were like “seeing your son go off to college or grandma passing,” I’m guessing college-age Tyler, Granny Diana and underused Chad may not be long for this world.

But V isn’t waiting until the big deaths to amp up the drama. The show is about to revive the original ’80s miniseries’ parallels to Nazi Germany. In the March 1 episode, Anna unveils a machine that extracts Earthlings’ most attractive DNA traits (beauty, fertility, immunity, strength, intelligence) as part of her plan to breed an interplanetary Master Race, while annihilating those she deems inferior. “There is obviously a comparison to Hitler,” says Laura. “I think it makes for good television, but I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s a good thing to remember the past, but it’s creepy and not easy to think about.”


Fan fave Elizabeth Mitchell, who was nominated for a 2010 Emmy for her portrayal of Lost‘s tragic Juliet Burke and is now kicking lizard butt on ABC’s V, has been signed for a horrifying guest role on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU.

She’ll be starring alongside returning guest star Jeremy Irons, who appeared earlier this season as the colorful Dr. Cap Jackson. Elizabeth will play an unmarried piano teacher who was the last person to see one of her students alive.

While SVU has tackled some unsettling topics during its twelve seasons, this one may take the cake — and win Elizabeth her first Emmy. For the first time, the series will deal with a case in which a woman is suspected of sexually assaulting and murdering a child.

Because of the rarity of this offense, Dr. Jackson is called in to consult with Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) because he has studied women who have committed this heinous type of crime. The shocking episode, titled “Totem”, is scheduled to air March 30.

So Lost/V fans, how do you feel about our little Miss Juliet engaging in something so horrifying? Excited to see this? Or would it forever cloud your image of Sawyer’s idyllic love?