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A lot of people helped make this site possible. Without them this site wouldn't even exist. Here's who I want to give an extended thanks to.

Maria without you this site wouldn't even be possible. You offered me hosting and a domain. Your a great friend! You've sent in pictures and even gave me help when looking for pictures. Your always offering to help out any way you can and it's always appreciated! Without your help or your kind words I wouldn't even be working on this site. You motivate me and made this site a fun experience!

Lala your always there to help me when I'm looking for pics or when I need an opinion about something. Your always there to help me when I have a problem and you motivate me to continue making graphics! Even when I think something sucks you have something great to say about it. You've also been an inspiration showing me that running fansites should be done for fun!

Svenn even though you don't know who Elizabeth is you always find something good to say about her. You always find something positive to say about my layouts. When the site was first in the works and I showed you the gallery you had great things to say! Your work at JBC motivates me to work on a site daily rather than holding things off and putting them up last minute!