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Back to the Updates…

Posted by admin on
June 16th, 2007

I needed a break from things but I’m back to updating now and I have some good things to bring to the site! Check out todays update and then keep checking back. I added screencaps from the first episode of The Beast and I also added the Lucire Photoshoot and Scans. I have also ordered a copy of the magazine so once it gets here I’ll scan it right away! And I added the remaining Lost episode stills. Also I will work on adding ALL affiliates later today with some more updates. Check back!

New Icons and Greatest Hits Screencaps

Posted by admin on
May 17th, 2007

Maria suprised me the other day by sending in over 30 Icons of Elizabeth for the site! They are amazing, be sure to use them!

And I’ve added over 100 screencaps of Lost: Greatest Hits. One of the best episodes of the season! I don’t want Charlie to go! Enjoy the caps for now and view them Here. Also don’t forget Elizabeth will be on the View next Wednesday and Lost will have its season finale. I will post reminders for both!